What Education Means to Me

Topics: Learning, Education, Psychology Pages: 1 (433 words) Published: January 27, 2013
What is education? According to the Webster’s dictionary education is “The action or process of being educating or being educated.” Oxfords definition is the process of receiving or giving a symmetric instruction. From these definitions you might as well assume that the purpose of education is to develop ones skills and knowledge. Education to me means a lot more than just a process of living; Education means life. It helps one grow up, make mistakes, and to learn from them. Education is so much more than just sitting in a classroom; it’s learning the world and finding out answers to questions you never thought you could answer. Education matures you and builds you to become a whole new person. It gives you the opportunity to do something with your life, it gives you a confidence you can’t get anywhere. The accomplishments you get with education is a lot more than just a diploma and a piece of paper. It’s the beginning of your new life. Life means so much more when you have an education. You can do so many more things when you have an education. You can go so much further in life and in whatever you want to do. Education is a lot more than just learning things in a classroom it’s also about how you can make a better life for yourself and your family one day. When you have an education it is so much easier to support a family and kids because you know that you have a career to support you. Education creates new opportunities and jobs for people. When you have an education you are more likely to get hired then a person who doesn’t.

Life without education wouldn’t really be life, because everyone has goals and dreams, and everyone has something that they want to do with their life like being a doctor, a dentist, a fire fighter ect. Without education in this world none of those jobs would be available, no one would know how to fix cars or deliver babies. Humans wouldn’t live long and would soon just become extinct because no one would have the knowledge of...
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