What Does It Mean To Be a Hero?

Pages: 1 (356 words) Published: April 3, 2013
What does it mean to be a hero? Well when I was little , about four to five years old I thought a hero was a person that had a lot of super powers . A superhero like the ones in cartoons like Batman , Power Rangers , Superman, Spider-man, and 0thers. But as I kept growing I said I always asked myself what is a hero? Is it some famous person, super hero or what? I never did quite understand the meaning till about now. Now I completely understand, a hero to me is someone who would always be there for anyone, someone who would put others first before themselves. Someone who you can trust with just about everything. Someone who is terrified to do something but does it anyway. But the biggest thing of all is that they have self-trust. I think to be a hero you must be positive, out looking, mentally strong and have compassion. Not many people have these qualities because in the world today people have lost their compassion because they have their own problems. But still people help each other. Very few and I mean very few acutely stop to realize that you need help. Then even fewer do something about it. I cant call my self to be a hero a hero must be have the qualification of helping other people It is important to try to better yourself, to strive to make yourself a better person, to become a hero to yourself or perhaps a mentor for others. This does involve some sacrifices and self discipline. You must push yourself and not give up. I think I am capable of this if I put my mind to it, and stick to my commitments. I would like to be stronger, healthier, wealthier and control my mental abilities I am going to work on controlling my anger. By controlling my emotions, it could help me keep a job and make my parents proud of me. If I can become stronger, healthier, wealthier and have more control of my feelings and emotions, I will become a better person for my future.
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