What do you consider the two most important software innovations? Explain why they are so important.

Topics: Microsoft, Operating system, Innovation Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: February 26, 2014
Reading through the timeline I would have to go with the Hard Drive and RAM for being the most important hardware innovations. The two most important software innovations I would have to go with inventing the web and network operating systems. I believe the Web is a very important innovation because it connects the whole world together through this technology. Anyone that has access to a computer and internet can search for any information at anytime. It doesn't matter what time of the day it is, there are no holding for the next customer service rep to assist you. You control fully what you want to find out. I know I have used the Web plenty of times just find directions. Now if it was back before the Web I would have to guess where I was on a fold out map and go from there. The Web has made reasearching projects and getting information very easily attainable for almost everyone. The second important innovation for software I would say is network operating systems. These systems are great. With my job all of our information, projects, operating instructions, everything can be accesed by everyone through a shared drive. Everyone that has access to our network can access those files and get the same information. It makes it easier then sending emails to everyone. Just save it on a shared drive and everyone can look at the information as needed. It also makes it easier to use printers and the need for every single office to have a printer. With network operating systems you can simply map a printer that is in the other room and use it. These two innovations have had a huge impact I think on everyones life. It is amazing to see all the new software and hardware come out almost yearly now.
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