What Beauty Means to Me

Topics: Plastic surgery, Breast implant, Woman Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: December 10, 2010
What Beauty Means To Our Society

People today base too much emphasis on looks. If someone doesn’t fit the criteria for what we believe should be the “perfect” man or woman then they are not fully accepted. Appearances can very easily help someone get a job, out of a ticket, special treatment at restaurants, and many more things. A lot of people have mistaken beauty for what is accepted by the “celebrity” world. For many women what society sees as acceptable and pleasing influences their everyday lives. So many women result to changing how they look through surgery and other procedures. If our society as a whole could change how they view woman and what is socially acceptable I think many woman would be healthier, happier, and overall better.

Our media for the most part has an extreme affect on how women look at themselves. In magazines, television, and books there is always the images or words referring to the “perfect” woman. The “perfect” woman in today’s society is thin and has no flaws; she probably has a plastic, Barbie doll face, and the perfect measurements. It seems that if you don’t fit these criteria you aren’t as easily accepted as someone who does. When it comes to a new job, a woman may be rejected because of a “better” looking woman who may not even have the qualifications as the other woman.

Personally, I have seen this first-hand. My current workplace is searching for a new manager. They refuse to hire a single man or even one who is very good-looking because they are afraid that they will mix business with pleasure. In the past they have had a couple different managers who have dated or had sexual contact with their employees. Once incident even included breaking up a marriage that brought some unnecessary negativity in the restaurant. So to avoid all of this they opted to hire a married man who has is not quite as attractive and seems to be very loyal to his wife, being married for twelve years.

So many women today are changing...
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