What are the megatrends which will shape our world

Topics: World energy resources and consumption, Sustainable energy, Nuclear power Pages: 4 (1318 words) Published: November 5, 2013
Topic: What are the megatrends which will shape our world Megatrends Introduction
With population growth and economic improvement, human beings are naturally increasing their demand towards happiness. The current trend to pursue happiness (demand to consume resources) generates the global demand in the world. Sustainability is crucial behind this trend. Our the only planet with limited resources may not be affordable to feed all people living on earth If our population continues to grow and personal demand to resources continue to expand. When we consume more resources than that generated by planet, we may exhaust all the resources and make the planet not available for living in the future. Combined with population growth, resources consumption, and sustainability, we can induce the megatrends into aspects of macro-economic, environment, and social trends which will shape our world.

Megatrends shaping our world
The increase in the number of players, especially from emerging markets, diminished the dominate rule of the West In this century when the emerging markets owned major populations in the world, their GPDs have huge influence power, and G20 replaced G7 to dominate the economic world. This trend shakes the foundation of the world from matured markets to emerging markets (From West to East). The emerging countries are not merely the “global manufactures” as BRIC accounted for 40 percent of world’s population and 25 percent of global GDP and are intensely enlarging their economic power. They become major leading markets in the world and trade by their own currencies that will diminish the importance of US, EU, and Japan market, who respectively adopt Dollar, Euro, and Yen. The diversity of mainstream currencies will furthermore diminish the traditional West power. Domestic brands in emerging markets can bloom and be supported by their own markets where Western brands once dominated. They can utilize local resources to mature and thus...
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