Topics: Poverty, Overpopulation, Famine Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: April 5, 2013
A Hazardous Issue

Imagine that the world’ population is growing by 200,000 people per a day. Even though birth rate has decline over this decade, population’ rate has climbed. Between 1980 and 2025, the population of law and middle income countries will more double to 7.0 billion, compared with 1 billion for high income countries. However, the number of children born per year in the world has stopped growing since 1990, and the total number of children below 15 years old in the world are now relatively stable around 2 billion. In fact, the rich are getting richer, but the more numerous poor are getting poorer. Some people believe that population growth and its consequences is a highly complex issue because its affect many major problems such as scarcity of resources, health problems, and lack education.

The main effect of overpopulation is scarcity of resources. Available resources will not be sufficient to meet the demand of rising population In most of the third world countries one of the major causes of famine is over population, so most all of the world's problems today are the result that. Too many people in the world do not have food to eat, and that would be a significant problem. If a country has more people than what should be, it will cause a famine. For example, in Africa, there is overpopulation which countries cannot support and help people to have food. Therefore, some people are not able to sleep because they are starving. the main reason is why Africa has a huge famine that families have more and more children. The reason for some of families having so many babies is because of their culture and religion. Do to the fact that resources that people need has decline over last decade, many people die every year. Because the people who are starving are unable to get food and nutrients, their bodies are more prone to catching diseases.

Not only is a famine one effect of overpopulation, but also health problems are caused by overpopulation. A...
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