Topics: Industry, Pollution, Violence Pages: 1 (549 words) Published: October 4, 2013
What exactly is westernization? Is it a bad thing or is it something good for us? Picking up the westerners dressing style, their ideas is that what westernization is? Wikipedia says.. It is a process whereby societies come under or adopt Western culture in areas such as industry, technology, law, politics, economics, lifestyle, diet, language, alphabet, religion, philosophy, and values. We have almost covered all areas except for law, politics and economics.. We are way behind in those areas. In India all we have is corruption, failed judiciary system and economy going down with growing scams. Industries are booming all around, great technology, totally advanced lifestyle which is healthy or unhealthy will be discussed later, diet which can be considered in lifestyle has also changed a lot, language and alphabet well it has therefore I am writing in some language (English) dats not my mother tongue, religion to some extent yes, philosophy also have changed over the time, and values definitely changed and is influenced by western ideas. So how have we changed… what exactly is this process?

The answer to this question can only be given by the historical accounts… what our ancestors were and how we are right at this moment. Talking about the industries they have brought growth and development in our country along with pollution. We were the third world country but industrialization has got us to now become a developing country who is striving to be a superpower in the near future. Well it also has its pros and cons development in the industrial sector has cost us way too much. Many problems are connected to environmental hazards that’s growing in our country due to improper waste management by this industries. Our resources are depleting land water soil everything is being polluted by the industries which is in turn effecting mother nature. Since past few decades we have started to experience weird climate change extreme heat extreme rain....
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