Western Religions

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Western Religions
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Western religions, there are three main forms, there is Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. it is best to break them out individually and compare the three. Once this is done, each religion is easier to understand you can find newrespect for each though understanding is achieved. The main focal point of any religious aspect is the understanding of God. A breakdown of each so that they are easier to understand is as follows: Judaism: God is omnipotent, or meaning “all powerful” or of unlimited power. God is omniscient, or meaning to have the capacity to know everything infinitely, “all knowing.” In Judaism, God is the creator of everything. Christianity: God is everything, the creator of everything, and ruler of everything. The religion is based on the “trinity,” or the belief of the father, the son, and the Holy Ghost. Islam: The Islamic religion calls their God, deity, or higher power “Allah,” and to this religion, Allah is the highest power, and there is nothing that is before Allah. There are differences we can see with the above three that are listed. I believe a higher power is a higher power. All on your own you decide what yours is.. As you can see, each religion sees their higher power as their ruler, creator of all mankind, and there is no sort of a higher power than their God. The role of the prophets in each religion varies. To break them down for comparison, it is easiest to do them separately: “Judaism: in Judaism, there were thousands of prophets throughout time, not all of the prophets were only men, nor where they all Jewish. A prophet in Judaism was anyone who was spiritually enlightened, and used this enlightenment to spread the word of God and their understanding of God to the masses. Of all the prophets in Judaism, Moses from biblical times is considered the most enlightened of all of the Jews. Christianity: The role of the prophets in Christianity were any men who were closely “in touch”...
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