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Maya Jamaica Morallos


Chef Janice Cruz


A croquette is a small fried food roll containing usually as main ingredients mashed potatoes, and/or minced meat (veal, beef, chicken, or turkey), shellfish, fish, vegetables, and soaked white bread, egg, onion, spices and herbs, wine, milk, or any of the combination thereof, sometimes with a filling, often encased in breadcrumbs.[1] The croquette is usually shaped into a cylinder or disk, and then deep-fried. The croquette (from the French croquer, "to crunch") was a French invention[citation needed] that gained worldwide popularity, both as a delicacy and as a fast food.

Pollo al Chilindron is a common Spanish chicken dish from the northeast region of Aragon. There, they are famous for their tasty fresh red bell peppers and they are one of the main ingredients of this dish.The name of this famous dish comes from the name of the large heavy pot, called a chilindron, which they used to make this recipe.There are many versions of this famous Spanish chicken recipe. I have kept my version mostly traditional. This dish is easy to make and packs a lot of taste.

Data/ Result:

| | | | | | |COLD HORS D’ OEUVRE |APPEARANCE |AROMA |TEXTURE |FLAVOUR/ GENERAL ACCPTABILITY | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Tapas |Brown, coated with |Scent of toasted |Crispy but creamy |Croquettes tasted good | |(croquettes) |breadcrumbs. Cylindrical in|bread |inside the breadcrumbs |especially the mashed potatoes| | |shape | | |inside the breadcrumbs | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Pollo al Chilindron |Red and green in colour |The scents are sourly|Meaty and thick in |The meat of the chicken is | |(Chicken with Bell |because of tomatoes, red |and bitter |sauce |tender, a little bit sour in | |Pepper) |and green bell pepper | | |taste in the sauce and salty | | | | | |in ham | | | | | | | | | | | | |

Conclusion & Recommendations:

Croquettes is a Spanish cuisine contains of potatoes, eggyolk, butter, parmesan cheese, parsley, nutmeg, wheat flour, breadcrumbs and season wit salt and pepper. The filling inside the breadcrumbs tastes like mashed potatoes originally in Peruvian cuisine. It tastes good especially when coated with egg wash, wheat flour and breadcrumbs. I recommend that it should contain more butter, salt and pepper to make it tastier and creamier.

Pollo al Chilindron or (Chicken with Bell Peppers) is also a spanish cuisine contains of...
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