Wendys case study

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Introduction and Synopsis of Case
Wendy’s, the fast food company, was introducing a new mid-size burger into their menu and needed several promotional and marketing activities to showcase the product. They wanted to use social media to bring as much attention to the advertising campaign as possible without overtly pointing people to the Wendy’s brand. On the Wendy’s menu, the number six spot had been noticeably vacant without any item filing that slot. This campaign, the Girl behind six, was the introduction of an item to fill that vacant spot on the menu. Below is a picture of the new product that the campaign introduced.

Goal of Organization
For a company interested in showcasing a new product, there are several marketing strategies available to choose from to get the message across to the targeted audience. Wendy’s and an advertising company, Kaplan Thaler Group, chose to go with a social media campaign. The goal of the campaign was to launch a new mid-size burger to the general public. Mr. Danny Flambeg, managing director of strategy and CRM for the Kaplan Thaler Group, who was responsible for this campaign, said that “The goal was to surprise and delight and give [consumers] a picture of Wendy's they hadn't seen before." (Wasserman, Todd, 2011)

Strategy Employed to Accomplish Goal
As part of the promotions for the launching of this new burger which was named W, Wendy’s created a ‘game show’ on twitter to help to grab attention without making mention of the fact that the whole thing was by Wendy’s until the last day of the campaign. So all people saw was the advertisement of a new game show on which participants could win several prizes. They chose the twitter handle @GirlBehindSix, a clue pointing to the slot on the Wendy’s menu that the new burger , W, was going to fill. Below is the campaign’s ‘official’ page on Twitter.

The @GirlBehindSix ‘game show’ hostess challenged her followers to answer questions and complete various tasks in...
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