Well Educated Person

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Well Educated

When I am asked the question “What does being an educated person mean?” I am torn in several directions. Does it mean that you had to go to the most prestigious school and receive the highest honors? Does it mean you have a College education vs. only a high school education? Does it mean you possess the required skills for the career that you chose in life? What does it mean to be an educated person? This is perhaps one of the toughest questions I have had to answer in my collegiate studies. I feel that there is no one specific answer because to each person being “educated” had a completely different definition.

With that said my own personal definition of being an educated person is a person who is well rounded with skills including both oral & written. An educated person should have general knowledge, be able to make rational decisions, have a well rounded family teaching and communication skills. Being an educated person is to have knowledge in many areas.

General knowledge would bring you to be better at life and not just at a specific trade. It would be learning the necessary skills to survive this crazy economy that we have at the current time. Knowing your ABC’s & 123’s a basic generalized education. More so common sense if you will. General knowledge does not necessarily have to come from books it comes from life experience and you learn as you go. Being able to

make rational decisions is a great quality of an educated person. As a part of life, education never ends everything in this world is continuously changing, being improved and updated every day. These become the building blocks of an educated person.

When I read the several articles regarding an educated person I found 2 that I can relate to the most. The first one was “What does it mean to be well-educated” By Alfie Kohn & the other article was “Only Connect” the goals of a Liberal Education By William Cronon. The first article caught my...
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