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Topics: Doubt Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: January 22, 2011
Good morning ladies and gentlemen!

Very warm welcome to this prestigious institute. I am ______ from _________. I am doing my last semester.

When I heard about this institute three years back, I had many doubts in my mind. Since I was placed at many busy units in my entire career, I could not improve my academic qualification after joining my organisation. The first doubt was that whether I would be able to correlate the subjects which I left almost 19 years back. My friends assured me that absolutely there will not be any problems. After attending the first class, I felt delighted. It was much above my expectations. I could re-invent my college days which I left in my teens.

This institute has not only delighted my aspiration to become an engineering graduate, but also enriched me with good amount of systematic learning which I doubt whether every other institute may be able to provide.

I am sure that every one of you will certainly enjoy the set up of this institute which I would like to call as “democratic”. We are not considered only as students, but also as a part of this institute. We have been provided with many options to express our opinion and those general as well as viable opinions are being given due weightage in the process of faculty selection and other functioning of this Institute. I would like to request every one of you to utilize these facilities in an unbiased manner.

We, as students of this institute, have been provided with five options to communicate with this Institute i.e. (1) SMS, (2) email, (3) telephonic, (4) feedback and (5) website. I have experienced that due care is taken by every staff to make these facilities successful. I would request every one of you to utilize these facilities and at the same time, update your information whenever they are changed. This will help the institute as well as you to be informed about each other.

I have experienced that the preach and practice go hand-in-hand for this institute...
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