Topics: Statistics, Probability, Scientific method Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: November 12, 2013
I wish to apply for admission to the PhD program in Biostatistics at your esteemed university, commencing from Fall 2002 . I am currently studying in the second year of the two year Masters program in Statistics at the Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, known all over the world for the seminal contributions that some of its alumni have made and are continuing to make i n the field of Statistics - both theoretical and applied, after having successfully completed the three year Bachelor s program in Statistics with distinction, full stipend and scholarship from the Government of India.

My academic endeavours at the institute have been quite encouraging. I have been consistently ranking fifth in my class for the past few semesters at the institute which has culminated in my receipt of an award in the form of books and cash. Ranking among the top few in class was not something new to me as I had been doing so right from my days at school. At school, mathematics and the physical sciences used to be my favorites and I mastered the subjects with unmatched proficiency.

Upon making it to the Indian Statistical Institute after high school and after clearing a tough countrywide admission test, through which only thirty students are selected among ten thousand candidates, I was introduced to the world of Statistics and Probability. The most appealing facet of Statistics that actually motivated me to think of a career in the subject is its usefulness in catering to real-life problems. Right from my days at school, I have had a penchant for any scientific thing that would work in practice . Statistics was one of them which I have seen being applied to diverse areas from tossing coins to launching rockets! At the institute, I was particularly enthusiastic about participating and successfully completing several projects on data analysis, the most notable among them being the analysis of data on water quality based on thirteen explanatory variables.

My first...
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