Weimar Republic

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Weimar Republic, Nazi Germany Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: May 18, 2014
Weimar Republic History Essay:
In 1924 the Weimar Republic's prospects looked good. Many of its major problems had been overcome. However, other problems were still lying below the surface. By 1924 most of the political opponents of the Weimar Republic had been defeated. The communist group known as the Spartacists (founded by Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Liebknwcht in 1915, and which had opposed participation in WWI) attempted to set up Soviets in many towns in 1919. Erbert withdrew the government from Berlin, in order to protect it, and let the Vigilante group called as the Freikorps deal with the Spartacists. Better equipped and trained, the Freikorps had no trouble killing many Spartacists including their leaders, Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebnknecht. Another failed attempt at ending the Weimar Republic was the kapp Putch: led by Dr. Wolfgang Kapp, 5000 Freikorps entered Berlin for a rebellion known as the Kapp Putsch. While more successful than the Spartacists, the leader Kapp left when industrial workers in Berlin avoided a strike. None of the rebels were punished. Yet, there were still some groups who did not like the Weimar Republic: the Nazis, now led by Adolf Hitler. They disagreed with the Weimar Republic greatly and called them those who signed the peace treaty 'November Criminals' because they agreed with the armistice and the harsh conditions imposed by the treaty. In 1923 the Munich Putsch led by Hitler tried to take over the government; but the Weimar Republic managed to arrest the Nazi Storm Troopers and 16 Nazis were killed. By 1924 Weimar Republic's economy looked promising. The following actions were taken: Chancellor Stresemann built up the economy under the Dawes Plan which involved Germany getting loans from the United States to help revive the German economy. Germany received 800 million marks in American loans. However, this wasn't completely good news as there were some concerns. The problem with this "help" was the loans could be called...
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