Week6 Discussion 1

Topics: Science, Scientific method, Education Pages: 1 (143 words) Published: December 4, 2014

Educational services continually evolve as new theories and research emerge and are translated into policy and practice (Buckman, S., 2000). Insights from child development research inform the theories, evidence, and controversy surrounding care and education of young children. Rapid industrialization and urbanization, and the establishment of universal schooling in Western societies created a widespread demand for knowledge about children’s needs and capacities at particular ages, not least to inform training for new teachers and other child professionals, as well as manuals of advice to parents. (Walkerdine, 1984; Rose, 1985; Woodhead, 2003). Both of these sources characterize the relationship between theory and research. In this discussion forum, analyze and discuss the implications for theory and research on early intervention efforts for young children. How has this relationship shaped early intervention efforts with handicapped, developmentally delayed infants, and other at-risk infants and children? Cite at least two references.
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