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Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Love, Friendship / Pages: 2 (720 words) / Published: Dec 14th, 2014
Assignment Week 7
DeVry University
Part I: Review the Skill Development Experience
1. Do the popular media approve of certain types of relationships and not others?
The media approves of many types of relationships. The media shows a close relationship with one another and other types as well. Interpersonal relationships are important to everyone and it looks like it is the top motivation for social media communication. Para social relationships are when audience members recognize themselves to have media personalities. Popular media approves of the six stages of relationships, which are: contact, involvement, intimacy, repair, deterioration and dissolution. It also approves the types of relationship: friendship, love, family, work, and online-only relationships.
2. How do the media “define” friendship, love, and family? 143
Media identifies friendship in three types: reciprocity, receptivity and association. Friendship of reciprocity focuses more on equality, each person shares equally in giving and receiving in a relationship. Friendship of receptivity is the opposite. It is an inequality in giving and receiving. It’s a good inequality because each person in the relationship gains something. Friendship of association is described as a friendly relationship than a true friendship because there is great trust in the relationship.
Love is defined in six love styles. Eros love is physical attractiveness that it often feels unfulfilled. Ludic love sees love as a game and fun. It is not taken seriously. Storge love is peaceful love. They share interests and activities. It is difficult to tell from friendship. Pragma love is when needs and desires are satisfied in a relationship. Family and background is important but does not rely on feelings. Manic love is a lot of attention and affection. When there is no attention, it causes bad reactions. Agapic love is compassionate and selfless. It is love with nothing in return.
Family has four types. Consensual

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