Week 5 Problems And Exercises

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Business system anaylsis
Problems and Exercises
Week 5 Homework

Tom Sanders
DeVry University
Professor Girten
September 30, 2014

Problems and Exercises
Chapter 8
Question 3 - Imagine the worst possible reports from a system. What is wrong with them? List as many problems as you can. What are the consequences of such reports? What could go wrong as a result? How does the prototyping process help guard against each problem? The incorrect data entered, or the software error of the system can cause the wrong result. The problems can be

1. Wrong entry of data.
2. Inefficient Users to the system.
3. Software Error
The consequences are:
1. Wrong outputs.
2. Wrong decisions made.
3. Loss to the Company.
The whole process of the Company can go wrong as every repot generally are interconnected with each other. So if the output of any one is wrong the other reports may also show wrong results. The prototyping process is where there is a systematic way of doing things. We have 4 phases in prototyping process Planning, specification, Design and Result. If all these are followed in a Question 4 - Given the guidelines presented in this chapter, identify flaws in the design of the Report of Employees shown below. What assumptions about users and tasks did you make in order to assess this design? Redesign this report to correct these flaws. The flaws in this design do not have clear and specific titles other than EM ID and Name and title. No name of the facility, date or page number. This design is not clear Employee Name, Title 0124543 John Smith, VP Marketing

2345645Jared Wright, Project Manager
2342456Jennifer Chang, Systems Analyst
4564234Mark Walters, Software Engineer
7875468Nick Shelley, BI Analyst
4446789Kim Eagar, HR Manager
4678899Emily Graham, Receptionist
Employee Reference Date:9-Aug-14

TitleNameEmployer _ ID

HR ManagerKim Eagar4446789

VP MarketingJohn Smith0124543

Project ManagerJared...
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