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Course Project: Petrie’s Electronics
Business System Analysis
Chris Eden
Petrie’s Electronics Case, Chapter 8 Questions, 1-5
1. Using the guidelines from this chapter and other sources, evaluate the usability of the page design depicted in PE Figure 8-1. This page design is general. The page is slow at loading and shows the progress of the page load on the left hand side of the page this is not a usual practice of web design. The server that the pictures are being held in seems to be the problem due to the big blank grey spots and the slow progress of loading the page. The page is also in multiple languages which are not user friendly. 2. Chapter 8 encourages the design of a help system early in the design of the human interface. How would you incorporate help into the interface as shown in PE Figure 8-1? I would make a new tab on the top right of the page just for help. Also, another way to make sites more interactive and helpful for customers they can chat with a representative for help or ask questions that will be answered later. 3. Describe how cookie crumbs could be used in this system. Are cookie crumbs a desirable navigation aid for this system? Why or why not? Cookie crumbs creates navigational tools for the users to be able to navigate back to home or where they came from, this would be desirable in Petrie’s design to give the customer the ability to go back and change a product or quantity of something they are buying or to just simply go back to the home page. Cookie crumbs can be used in the account information sections where customers can see what they have recently purchased or what they have in their cart. Also, another way would be to keep track of what the customer was looking at in order to give them suggestions based off of their liking.

4. The page design depicted in PE Figure 8-1 links to an Order History page. Sketch a similar layout for the Order History page, following guidelines from Chapter 8.

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