Wearing the Right Bra on Your Wedding Day

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What About the Bra?

This is usually the second question from brides-to-be when discussing their gown needs. So I’m inspired to get all the information for clients to consider.

Most women have a love / hate relation ship with their bra. The reason is that “85% of women are wearing the wrong bra” according to Elle Magazine Canada. An ill fitting bra dramatically under minds your efforts to look your best. NOT what you want on your wedding day!

The truth is even the most beautiful gown won’t fit right with out the proper foundation garment.

Why custom fitting? Because the proper fitting bra for a fuller figure can “make you look like you’ve lost 10 lbs” says Allison McGill of Wedding bells magazine. For women of average to small bust size the proper fitting bra can dramatically improve the “décolletage” by adding shape and position.

Oomph equals Oh-la-la ! !

Brides achieve a neater silhouette, higher level of comfort, improved posture and necessary support with a custom fitted bra.

Most women view the straps as providing the proper support, but the truth is the band around the ribs cage is what carries 85% of the support with the cup and straps making up the difference. This is the reasons a proper fitting strapless or bustier is crucial for the strapless gown and the main reason to go to a lingerie boutique with trained staff for guidance. Another reason for a custom fitting is that the cup size and position can vary widely. Thirdly, our shape changes dramatically in the course our life. It is important to continually review your bra wardrobe yearly as bras soften over time and fail to support, so this keeps things fresh as well as fitting perfectly.

Along with a proper fitting bra it is crucial to choose the right style of bra for your gown. The style requirements for each gown are discussed before work begins on your gown providing brides with all the information necessary to pass on to the lingerie consultant.

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