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Alex Perry

Alex Perry born (Alexandros Pertsinidis) was raised in Sydney with two brothers and his two Greek parents who ran hamburger shops in Sydney. A skill for drawing and interest in fashion led him to study fashion design at East Sydney Technical College. Alex Perry worked briefly at a clothing manufacturing business after graduating in 1984. In 1992, Alex Perry opened his first atelier.

Alex Perry was one of the designers at the inaugural Australian Fashion Week in 1995. After successfully establishing himself in the world of fashion design, Alex Perry launched his Ready-to-Wear collection in 2004, followed by Alex Perry Accessories in 2006. Followed by Alex Perry Brides in 2008.

Alex Perry has been married to his Greek-born wife Mary, a former model for more than 20 years.

Alex Perry gets a lot of his inspiration from old films. With Alex always working with new and creative fabrics, he always comes up with new designs or re-creates a design to form a new one. Most of Alex Perry’s fashion is formed from what is in fashion now, what people are interested in wearing and buying at this point in time. He has also been inspired by magazines, and other designer’s works, what the fashion is today and what his target market’s taste in fashion is.

This is a very elegant looking gown. It consists of mainly different shades of purples. The bodice of the gown consists of a layer of tightly attached silk, covered in jewels and rhinestones. The top of the bodice has a bow shaped pattern attached. This draws your eyes to the top of the bodice. By having the bow on the top of the bodice the same material as the bottom of the gown, it shows how the designer has reused used materials in an effective way. The bottom of the gown is made of a purple shade of silk. Alex Perry has designed the bottom of this dress so that the layers are given with a multiple layering effect; make the gown look ‘fuller’. This photo has been taken with the layers being...
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