We Can Usually Learn Much More from People Whose Views We Share Than from People Whose Views Contradict Our Own; Disagreement Can Cause Stress and Inhibit Learning.

Topics: Controversy, Controversies, Psychology Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: October 5, 2010
Man is a social animal. All human beings require the comfort of having a social life. It is important in our daily lives as it helps us to interact with others, put forth our opinions and openely discuss about them. According to the author, we learn much more from people who share our view point about something. On the othe hand, we hardly get to learn anything from those who have contradictory views from our own. I strongly disagree with the author, as it is not necessary that what we understand or know is completely true or accurate. Whereas discussing about things can clear misconceptions and can create an environment of better understanding and sharing. The author also points out about the fact that disagreements can cause stress and inhibit learning, but to reason this so as not to discuss with other people who do not share our view point seems a stretch.

Further, discussing about subjects which are controversial enhances the learning. Learning is a process which never stops. It is not so that people learn in schools & colleges and stop learning after that. Throughout our life we experience incidents which enhances our knowledge and these are the experiences based on which we form our views & opinions. Discussing with people who share our views strengthens our confidence in our opinion. It helps to justify & reason with what we think is right. However, there may be a case where our judgement about something is not correct. We might not know all the aspects of a topic. We might form an opinion without knowing whats on the other side of the coin. This is where discussions with people who disagree with us can result to be helpful rather than destructive. Disagreements can not always be wrong, it's just that they have to be done in the right manner.

Moreover, the author also emphasizes that stress can be caused from disagreements. Stress can be caused by a lot of things, but a healthy conversation in which two people do not agree on the same thing can only...
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