We Are Marshall

Topics: English-language films, Grief Pages: 2 (730 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Danielle Romain 4/26/12 830-08 Ms.Jelcic We are Marshall

From the movie We are Marshall there are a lot characters that go through a great loss and experience a large amount of pain. In this movie the whole football team, coaches, and some family members were killed in a plane crash. Among those who died were Annie Cantrell’s fiancé. Another character is Nate Ruffin who lost his teammates and his coaches, These two charters both dealed with their losses in different ways, but were still able to reach acceptance. The first character who goes through grief differently is Annie Cantrall. Annie mourns her loss b first crying, and then wishing everything to go back to normal. While she doesn’t’ fully accept her loss she tries to help the people around to do that. An example of this is when she helped Mr. Griffin when he lost his son who was also her fiancé. Since he kept coming to the diner everyday she gave him a piece of pie and she tried to give the ring that his son gave to her. Annie did go through most of the four coping patterns. She went through the first which was coping alone, calling out to another, confronting the situation, and comforting herself physically. She coped alone when she first heard about the plane going down she stayed in a secluded place and just cried. She called out to another when she started talking more to Mr. Griffin. Even though she didn’t ask him directly for help, she did when she started talking to him on a regular basic. She finally confronted the situation when she still went to Florida like she had planned to go to with her fiancé. She...
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