The Characters Are Never Victims as They Triumph over Adversity and Inspire Optimism and Spirt. Do You Agree?

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Suffering Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: August 25, 2013
The characters are never victims as they triumph over adversity and inspire optimism and spirt. Do you agree?

‘Stolen’ demonstrates the extent to which aboriginal people were victimised by white society, and how some were able to overcome these experiences. This is represented by the stories of five aboriginal children that were forcible removed from their families due to the white Australian policy. Each character is made a victim and as a result suffers, however some are able to move on from these experiences and live a somewhat normal life. In ‘stolen’ each character is a victim of white society’s interference in aboriginal life. Due to the introduction of the white Australian policy, half cast aboriginal children were taken from their families and placed in children home’s where they went through a number of life altering experiences. While all the characters were victimised, Ruby is a good example of the extreme impact that white society had on aboriginal life and how they abused their power. The youngest of the characters, Ruby is abused “I promised not to tell” both physically and emotional while in the care of the children’s home. As a result of her young age and the abuse she had inflicted on her she become mentally disturbed to the point where she can’t recognise her own family. The writer’s use of the actors as a chorus also helps us understand that not just the characters but many suffered the same fate. The characters in ‘stolen’ are all made victims of white society’s government policy’s and cruelty. While the characters face life changing experiences, some are able to triumph over and move forward. Facing undeniable odds, some of the characters showed great strength in the ability to put the past behind them. Shirley for example, was taken from her parents and in turn had her own children taken from her. She never gave up trying to find her children “you’ve been...
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