Ways to Protect the Environment.

Topics: Recycling, Pollution, Reuse Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: December 13, 2010
I really love trying to protect the world/environment through many ways such as recycling, picking up trash, no polluting and decrease pollution overall, saving animal habitats and so much more. We should care for the environment because its our real home, we live in it and we dont want a nasty living of trash every where with stenches, also animals can die from our trashes such in beaches, they can get stuck in the can plastics. We need to recycle because recycling takes trash and processes it in some way to make a useful product. Composting falls into this category. Glass, plastics, paper, steel, and cardboard are other materials that may be recycled. The added benefit of compost is that it can be done in your own backyard. We stiill need to recycle all the plastic that we use because it gets melted and reused again for more supply for our needs. When we dont recycle we have less plastic reusing than before and cause alot more money and man labor time to recycle it for us in the land fills. Also most of it gets burned to dispose of it all cause we have no room for all the landfills and they cost too much to have. Really we should all try to reuse before recycling but either works just fine. So when we reuse our belongings like finding alternate uses for trash rather than disposal. Share unused portions with neighbors or charities. Donate books to the library, give old clothing to charity, etc. Now we also need to reduce which is includes reducing the amount of total waste by steps such as buying only the amount you need, persuading manufacturers to reduce the amount of packaging they use. It also includes steps such as mowing your lawn with a mulching mower and leaving the clippings on the grass. "Waste" is never generated. So we dont want to buy too much of anything for our selves everyone needs the same things such as water bottles, plastic bags, and much more. Those are called the three R's Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and try to use them to protect out...
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