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When people think of waves they may think of a nice vacation or maybe a storm. Most people may not think about what causes waves or how waves can get so tall and powerful. In addition, people may not think about how tides are formed. The movement of waves includes information about how waves form, how they move, what happens when waves interact, and some of the effects of waves.

When people visit a beach, they might realize the daily rise and fall of the water, or how high and low tides can get. Tides are caused by the moon, sun, and the earth and are almost never are the same size or duration. A tide can spread out to be much bigger than what it was predicted to be (Simon 1990). The easiest tidal sequence is the semidiurnal tide. A semidiurnal tide has two high tides and two low tides of about equal height each day.Semidiurnal tides may have a daily inequity where successive hide tides have different heights. Semidiurnal tides are often easy to predict because high or low tides occur a consistent length of time after the moon has passed overhead. Both the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans generally have some semidiurnal tides with two other tides each day. Spring tides normally occur when there is a full moon and the sun and the earth are in a straight line. When this happens, tides are never the same size or last the same amount of time as the people may expect. There is also neap tides and they occur when the moon is in the first or last quarter, when its gravitational pull on the oceans is at a right angle to the sun. When this happens the tide will not be the same size or last the same amount of time either.(Hawkins 2005).

Therefore, the pull of the moon causes tides and these tides produce waves. Waves are the forward movement of the ocean’s water due to the oscillation of water particles by frictional drag. Waves can also vary in size and strength based on wind speed (B. Amanda). When people are considering waves, it is important...
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