Water Pollution

Topics: Water, Water pollution, Sewage treatment Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: July 14, 2008
Water Pollution
Water pollution is the contamination of bodies of water such as ponds, lakes, oceans, rivers and even groundwater. Water pollution is mainly caused by many human activities, which can be harmful to animals and plants which live in these bodies of water are located. Nature also takes its toll on water pollution such as volcanoes, severe storms, and earthquakes also cause major changes in the quality of water. Water is typically considered to be polluted when it’s impaired by contaminants and the body of water will not support a human use. Water pollution has many causes. The main sources of water pollution are generally put into two categories which are generally based on their point of source. The two different categories are the, point-source pollution refers to contaminants that are passed through a waterway without anyone knowing about it. A few of them contaminates of this category would be discharges from treatment plants, factory fun off, leaking from underground tanks and many more. The second primary category which is, non-point source pollution, is that the contamination actually has a name and it does not come from a one indentified source. I would think logically and ponder many thoughts through my head on how to control and manage water pollution. I would control non-point and point sure pollution by limiting paved surfaces. Today all of the cities and towns are covered by paved surfaces such as sidewalks and parking lots. The paved surface prevents water from seeping down into the ground, which then causes runoff. When the quickly flowing runoff empties into the waters, it can severely erode the banks of lakes and other bodies of water. The paved surfaces also generate heat to runoff, which will be increasing the temperature of waters. The inhabitant species of fish and other aquatic life will not be able to survive in the warmer waters.

I would also be sure that homes throughout the community are using...
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