water is essential to human life

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Everyone knows that water is essential to human life, but one third of the world's population lacks sufficient access to safe drinking water and sanitation to meet their basic needs. [www.gwp.org]Every year 3 million people die prematurely from water-related diseases in developing countries. [www.gwp.org] 884 million people in the world still do not get their drinking-water from improved sources, almost all of them in developing regions. [www.gwp.org]How can access to clean water change the lives of people in the world? People are endeavoring to address this issue, such as helping people to build the water supply system, providing water and sanitation in schools, developing technologies to provide clean water and so on.

World Vision provided people who are living in the village in the Luang Prabang province in Laos with all the equipment, technical support and materials they needed to build the water supply system. In many countries, fetching and carrying water can be dangerous. It is not as simple as turning on a tap. But now, a new water supply system constructed in June 2006 is changing lives. Instead of having to cross a highway and hike up a forested mountainside to fetch water from a small spring, women and children only need to walk a few metres from their homes. ['A path out of poverty'] Built by the villagers themselves, the water system consists of two water tanks. Twenty water taps are installed throughout the village serving clean water to 118 households - almost to their doorsteps. ['A path out of poverty']

UNICEF, the lead installed water and sanitation in schools. There are about one million schools around the world, but less than half have access to clean drinking water and sanitation. [www.globalwaterchallenge.org]Yet hand washing in schools can cut diarrhea by 30 percent. [www.thesolutionsjournal.com]While there is still a long way to go in providing water, sanitation, and hygiene-known as WASH-in all schools, more development agencies are...
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