Water bottle history

Topics: Bottled water, Drinking water, Alexander Parkes Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: February 11, 2014
The History of the Water Business

From the time Cave men roamed the Earth to the day the World ends, Water has been and will be the most depended on resource to all species of life. It’s a well known fact that water is the single most important compound in the universe. About 70% of the world’s surface is covered in water and about 60% of the male body is composed of H20. Without water it is estimated that at room temperature humans could live for potentially 12 days. With water being the basic necessity to life it makes sense that humans demand and seek the best drinkable water at their convenience.

For hundreds of years water has been sold in glass bottles. The modern day company Perrier started selling water in glass bottles in 1898. The first man made plastic wasn’t introduced until 1862 by Alexander Parkes who discovered Parkesine. This plastic had the ability to mold when cooled. It wasn’t until a cheap alternative way to bottle water was discovered with a new plastic, polyethylene. In the late 1960’s water began being produced and sold commercially in water bottles. Since then huge companies like Aquafina and Dasani have taken over the water bottle industry alongside many other brands that mass produce water in new types of plastic. This new cost efficient way of storing and transporting water grew in popularity and demand.

Future of the Water Business

As the water bottle industry becomes increasingly popular, so does the research that goes into making sure they’re safe and drinkable. Improved awareness about environmental issues and the effects humans are having on the Earth are beginning to push for a more Eco-friendly alternative to drink water. In Concord, Massachusetts it is now illegal to sell water bottles less than one litre. With growing awareness about this initiative we can only hope that one day we see this ban nationally. It only makes sense now for people living near access to drinkable tap water to purchase...
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