Waste Impact on Society

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Case Study on Industrial wastes : Impact on society

Neha Jaiswal,4th yr,
Industrial Engineering


Waste are substances or objects which are intended to be disposed or are required to be disposed off by the provision of national laws. Industrial waste is a type of waste produced by industrial activities, such as that of factories , mills and machines. Toxic waste, chemical waste, Industrial solid waste and Municipal solid waste are designations of industrial waste .These causes the waste landfills to be acknowledged as generators of adverse effects and a hazard for both environment and public health. Companies need to be responsible with their industrial waste management and specifically their hazardous waste. The practices used currently in the collection, transport and storage of urban waste facilitate the multiplication and dissemination of the pathogenic agents and their accompanying breed i.e. insects, rats, crows, stray dogs. The toughest challenge arises from the joint storage of hazardous materials (including toxic sludge, oil products, dyeing residues, metallurgical slag) and solid urban waste. This situation is likely to generate inflammable, explosive or corrosive mixtures and combinations; on the other hand, the presence of easily degradable household may facilitate the decomposition of complex hazardous components, and thus diminish environmental pollution. Another negative aspect is the fact that several recyclable and useful materials are stored in the same place as materials that cannot be recycled; consequently, these materials blend together and become chemically and biologically contaminated, which renders their retrieval rather difficult.


Environmental pollution is the major problem associated with rapid industrialisation, urbanisation and rise in living standards of people. Industrialisation has caused serious problems relating to environmental pollution.Therefore, wastes seem to be a by-product of growth. On the other hand, with increasing demand for raw materials for industrial production, the non-renewable resources are dwindling day-by-day. Therefore, efforts are to be made for controlling pollution arising out of the disposal of wastes by conversion of these unwanted wastes into utilisable raw materials for various beneficial uses. The problems relating to disposal of industrial solid waste are associated with lack of infrastructural facilities and negligence of industries to take proper safeguards. The large and medium industries located in identified industrial areas still have some arrangements to dispose solid waste. The usual scenario is that the small scale industries dispose waste directly and hence making it difficult for local bodies to collect this waste.In some cities industrial,commercial and residential areas are mixed and thus all wastes are intermingled.Therefore State Pollution Control Board(SPCB) and local bodies join hands for proper disposal of industrial solid waste.Industries generating solid waste have to manage such waste by themselves and for this they have to get authorised from respective SPCB’s.This co-ordination among local bodies ,industries and SPCB’s may lead to better management of Industrial Solid Waste (ISW).

In order to provide guidance to the local authorities some relevant information are provided under this Case Study for a better understanding and awareness .


The industry has various units such as springs.All these plants work independently without interfering in any specific unit. The case study mainly focuses the spring unit where the major waste generated was iron scrap and a semi-solid waste which served as inputs for some other purpose.The raw materials used are spring steel,grinding lubricants,quenching oil and water.The iron scrap accumulated is then stored and sold in the market whereas the semi-solid waste is further processed and used by...
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