Was the Industrial Revolution a Good Idea

Topics: Industrial Revolution, History of technology, Life expectancy Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: June 7, 2006
The Industrial Revolution

Many of us cannot imagine life with out the mall or better yet life with out a cell phone. We take for granted being fortunate enough to be born a child of the new millennium. With our convenience however comes ignorance. We forget about the time when it took a year for a letter to get delivered from the east coast to the west coast. We forget that we did not just appear to be in this country and that everything was already here. The era that changed all that was called The Industrial Revolution. The industrial Revolution affected America in a significant way. It changed the world from rural 1800's to the huge corporation of today. Through inventions and expansions this is what we have today was little by little built.

At the start of the Industrial Revolution, many people were trampled and sacrificed, the Indians and black men were given literacy test which they failed so were not allowed to vote. Literacy had begun to be enforced because if you did not know how to read and write you were not able to vote and be counted. Even though at an earlier time school was just for the wealthy but after the inventions of printing machines. Books were cheaper to print and then later on school were for everybody.

The outcome we see today in this world include happiness that we live in caused by technologies and inventions, more opportunities that started emerging for jobs, job days got shorter. Industrialization made it possible for this nation that was small and uneducated to grow. It also allowed us to expand to the west. Railroads were little wher it used to take a year for the mail to be delivered for example a letter that was going to from California to Florida took a whole year to be delivered. After the industrial Revolution machinery were invented railroads got continued to be built.

With out the inventions and changes that took place in the industrial revolution to make up our society, we would not have...

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