Was Slavery Right Or Wrong

Topics: Slavery, Slavery in the United States, Black people / Pages: 6 (1410 words) / Published: Dec 13th, 2016
“The workings of the human heart are the profoundest mystery of the universe. One moment they make us despair of our kind, and the next we see in them the reflection of the divine image.” (Chesnutt W. Charles, The Marrow of Tradition) The terrible 245 years of slavery and then the aftermath of slavery are one of the world’s toughest times towards the millions that suffered the hardship of being black. Slavery of African Americans was where people that were black were forced into working for a white. This had caused pain and suffering and they didn’t know if they are going to die that day or be sold. Slavery of African Americans was wrong because the way that blacks got captured and transported elsewhere to be sold, their miserable life working …show more content…
Slaves were largely treated as property, to be freely bought and sold. They worked on plantations in many jobs like work in the field and collect the plants, Clean the slave owner’s house, cook for the white people, and many of different. Some slave owners allowed their slaves to marry; others imposed marriages on them. The owner was free to split up a couple or family at any time simply by selling some of his/her slaves. Slave children were sent into the fields at about 12 years of age where they worked from sun up to sundown. Almost all the jobs if not done right would cause for punishment for no reason sometimes. Field work was the hardest and most punishable work. They usually gave the hard work which is the field work of the darkest slaves while the lighter skinned slaves had better jobs and overall life. In many situations, women had to do the same men, carrying extremely heavy loads and using large iron tools. Masters had no concern for the slaves’ survival, that pregnant women were still expected to continue to work their job until their child is born. In plantations there is a cook house where the slaves make their owners food. The slaves ate a little bit of food that was good and not cooked sometimes and people will steal to get extra food. If the owners finish eating the slaves can eat what they left and even though it is nasty, they were grateful for the food they got for …show more content…
Since the slave owner and every white person can do anything to the slaves, the slaves loose determination to stand up for themselves. According to Charles Ball who was a slave, “during the migration from Maryland to South Carolina, I had at times serious thoughts of suicide so great was my anguish. If I could have got a rope I should have hanged myself at Lanchester”. This quote elaborates on the psychological effects caused by physical pain. During this migration, he was chained by his neck, hands, and feet. While chained to another slave, Ball had a duty to care for the slave he was attached to. This meant that if the attached slave died or passed out along the journey, Ball would have to carry the weight of another until they obtained their destination. The psychological effect that this specific type of torture has on an American slave is mind control or reinforcement. Another way that the slaves were psychologically affected is when girl slaves were constantly raped by the men. In some of the cases, they got pregnant the baby would become a slave and the owner will be happy to get a free slave. With being raped, the women would not care at one point and accept it. Having any children, even with your lover was not suggested, this is due to the chance of the slave owner selling the baby to make money to get something or just get richer. Slaves were constantly

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