War. What is it good for?

Topics: Peace, World War II, Just War Pages: 3 (1816 words) Published: September 20, 2014
War. What is it good for?
It is within human nature to fight in order to try and make a gain and become more influential. This is demonstrated by the thousands of years that humans have fought in wars. Surprisingly what humans fight for now remains much the same as what was the common motive in prehistoric times; self-defence, re-capturing lost possessions and punishing people for what they have done wrong. Most of the time war is tried to be justified yet on many occasions there are examples where it is completely unnecessary. Although it can be argued that wars costs usually outweigh their benefits this is not always accurate and war may often be the last solution to amend a serious evil. This means both sides of the argument should be examined and evaluated before making a decision if war is or is not good. War is usually defined as violent conflict with extreme aggression, social disruption and high mortality. This is exactly what war is not good for yet normally happens every time there is a war. Human behaviour is the root cause of war, for many years war was to win territory. This gave people power and increased their resources, giving them more land, labour and capital. War was also about honour and winning respect from others. In the modern age, war is less about honour yet gaining resources still is a key motive for going to war, for example the Falklands War in 1982 can be seen as an example of how one country tried to increase its resources by engaging in a war with another country for a comparatively small amount of land. The economic problem is a reason that countries go to war as they try to gain resources so in effect it is in human behaviour that war cannot be avoided. For this reason countries cannot trust each other as there is always potential that some countries will want more and therefore there is always potential for war to happen. All the countries in the world can never be completely satisfied, it is mathematically impossible for...
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