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War Versus Peace

By mnelson0210 Nov 28, 2011 759 Words
Megan Nelson
November 3, 2011
Unit 4 paper: War versus Peace

Should the United States have gone to war in Iraq? The United States has been in a war with Iraq for over a decade. They say they are in it for the protection of the American people. There are three groups of people whose decisions should be taken into consideration. People who are for the war, people that are against the war and people that are neutral to the whole situation. If the United States did not go to war what might have happened? This question lays in many people thoughts. There are many different reasons why the U.S. had to go to war with Iraq. Before 9/11 there were many different tourist attacks on the United States with Iraq. The Bomb that exploded in the basement of the World Trade Center, that was the first attempt and they wanted the twin towers to go down, but it didn’t work. The United States knew that there was going to be more attempts, but they didn’t do anything about it. Then 9/11 came and this showed that the U.S. had to go to war with Iraq. Even know that we still have soldiers over there today, it is for the good the U.S. has to protect its people and this is the only way until we know that this war is over with. Then there are many people that are against the war. These people believe that we should have never gone to way in the first place with Iraq, but why not look at what they did to the World Trade Center. What would have happened if we didn’t go to war? The United States would be under attack all the time from tourist from Iraq. Many of these people would believe in peace and that there should not be any war. There are many different opinions that people have and that is why countries go to war, to defend themselves. Yes war is terrible because many people do die for fighting for their country, but if we didn’t have those people then are countries would be under attack all the time. Being against the war of Iraq would be wrong because what those people did to the World Trade Center was terrible and should not be able to get away with it. These people that are against that war should really think twice about 9/11. Also there are many people that are neutral to the whole situation about the war. These people, the United States does not have to worry about because they do not have any decision about the war. Then again being neutral can also mean that you can make up a decision and go with either side. The United States wants to know what you want so if you are neutral then they are going to make a decision for you. Which knowing most of the time many people don’t like that and then they make one up. For these people they just have to ask the question what would have happened if we did not go to war with Iraq? Then from this they could see how much the terrorist in Iraq really mean to America. Should the United States have gone to war in Iraq? Yes they should have and they made the right decision of going there and fighting for our country. 9/11 was a terrible day all around the U.S. even if you were not in New York you could feel everyone’s pain. So was the United States supposed to let those people get away with what they did to the World Trade Center, no because they killed innocent people that day and we had to fight, that was the only solution. These three groups have a huge impact on the decision that the United States made and that decision was to go to war. Now that we have fought for our country, the troops should be coming home soon.

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