War's Evolution

Topics: War, World War II, Nuclear weapon Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: August 25, 2013
War has been part of our history ever since the dawn of time. Even when our ancestors were still using primitive rocks to sustain their also very primitive lives, wars have been fought between tribes for control of territory and small resources. Those wars were not fought with the future in mind, those wars were just fought for the simplest of things. War is our curse, a curse that poisons every inch of the goodness inside. Our human greed, our human imperfections act as the catalyst of war, fuels it to the point that it becomes a burning fire filled with rage, anger, greed and the lust for power. It begins engulfing everything in flames of spears, swords, missiles, bullets and nukes. This fire we call war is simply sparked by a number of reasons, no matter how stupid or childish the reason, it still is war. For once the nations of Honduras and El Salvador declared war on each other after El Salvador won a FIFA World Cup qualifying round against Honduras. In ancient times, a woman whose beauty caught the eye of a Trojan prince began a war which was is part of ancient lore, the Trojan War, where the magnificent beauty of Helen of Troy sent a thousand ships, Greek ships to be exact. If wars are sparked by the beauty of a woman and a defeat in a soccer match, what more blind reasons could we humans fight wars with? We have fought millions of wars between ourselves and no war has ended all wars. We fight it for millions of reasons and can only be justifiable by ourselves. The million times we fought have really brought the worst of humanity. In every war there is no rule book, no proper rules of engagement, no rules that could contain the bloodiness of war. For these reason war is an uncontrollable fire that engulfs anything in its path with no slight twitch of remorse. We have killed billions of our kind, men, women and children were shown no mercy as they were shot, stabbed, burned, gas chambered and left to bleed or rot...
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