Wanted Movie Film review

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Title and Year release: Wanted (2008)
Genre: Gangster
Audience Classification:
Production Team (company, studio, director, actors):
Directed By:
Temur Bekmambetov

Produced By:
Marc Platt
Jason Netter
Iain Smith
Jim Lemley

Screenplay By:
Chris Morgan
Michael Brandt
Derek Haas

Story by:
Michael Brandt
Derek Haas

Music By:
Danny Elfman

Mitchell Amundsen

Spyglass Entertainment
Relativity Media
Marc Platt
Top Cow

Distributed By:
Universal Pictures

■James McAvoy as Wesley "Wes" Allan Gibson, a meek 24-year-old who works in a cubicle, but learns he is heir to a legacy of assassins. ■Morgan Freeman as Sloan, leader of the Fraternity, and assassin partner of Wesley Gibson's deceased father. ■Angelina Jolie as Fox, an accomplished member of the Fraternity who mentors Gibson. ■Thomas Kretschmann as Cross, a rogue assassin who has left the Fraternity. ■Common as Earl Malcolm Spellman a.k.a. "The Gunsmith", a professional gunman who trains others to use weapons. ■Konstantin Khabensky as The Exterminator, an expert in explosives who makes bombs and attaches them to rats. One of Wesley's only friends in the Fraternity. ■Marc Warren as The Repairman, an assassin who says he "breaks bad habits" by violently beating people. Trains Wesley in hand-to-hand combat and endurance. ■Dato Bakhtadze as The Butcher, a master of knife work to the extent that he can block bullets. Trains Wesley in knife fighting. ■Terence Stamp as Pekwarsky, a master in the science of killing. Pekwarsky operates as a rogue agent outside of The Fraternity. He is also a craftsman who is able to build bullets both untraceable and capable of traversing long distances. One of Cross's compatriots. ■David O'Hara as Mr. X, the first Fraternity member who is said to be the greatest assassin, and believed to be Wesley's father. His murder is the catalyst for Wesley's introduction into the Fraternity. He is killed by Cross. ■Chris Pratt as Barry, Gibson's co-worker and best friend, who is having an affair with Gibson's girlfriend. ■Kristen Hager as Cathy, Gibson's unfaithful and bickering girlfriend. ■Sophiya Haque as Puja

■Lorna Scott as Janice, Gibson's overbearing boss
Wesley Gibson is a man who have a terrible life. His boss in the office always nags him. His girlfriend cheated on him and his best friend lies to him. But what made his life more miserable is when his dad was shot in a roof top that caused his death. Upon searching for the reasons behind his father's death, he then notices that a mystery guy looks over him and follows him anywhere. Then, he meets Fox, who certainly helped him to keep him away from the mystery guy. Fox introduced Wesley to the Fraternity, a group which claims that they are in the side of the "good ones". They helped Wesley to become strong and be good in terms of fighting. Little by little, he learned how to shot a curves bullet with the help of Fox. The mystery guy keeps on following Wesley. Wesley then fought with him. And when Wesley was able to shot the mystery man, the mystery man told him that everything that the Fraternity have told him are all lies. The mystery man has revealed that hr was actually Wesley's real father. Feeling bad for having his real father killed, Wesley decided to revenge by going to the territory of the Fraternity and killed most of their men. Then, he was able to meet the best killers of the Fraternity including Fox and he revealed that his father was not a traitor and that their Big Boss is a lier. After knowing all the lies that their Big Boss has told them, Fox and the other assassins decided to let Wesley alive so Fox shot her last curved bullet and all of them died except for Wesley and their Big Boss. Wesley sets up a plan then he was able to kill the Big Boss of the Fraternity through a curved bullet. Criticize the following:

* story and theme
Wanted is about a guy who wants to be the total...

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