Wall-E Film Analysis

Topics: Human, Video game, Space exploration Pages: 3 (650 words) Published: July 29, 2015

Science fiction films give audiences an understanding of technological advances and take its audiences to the future with its films. Andrew Stanton’s film Wall-e and Spike Jonze’s film Her are examples well-made science fiction films identify and explores the ideas of technology and humanity. In the film Wall-e, the main character Wall-e is a lonely robot living on earth after all the life forces has died or left the planet. Wall-e’s main function and purpose within the film is to collect garbage and minimize waste. Wall-e later meets Eve, a robot who comes to earth to explore if the planet is sustainable for humans. The film explores areas of love, technology, race and gender. In the film Her, the main character Theodore is a sensitive, soon...

The film Wall-e, although the film begins with the absence of human life, the film later introduces obese human life form. At first glance or the first time someone sees this film, we as the audience are concerned with the weight of the human characters. We are left without realizes the lack of racial diversity within these humans. As one begins to look closer to every human we see the majority of these characters are Caucasian with the exception of a few African/ Black people. The human characters are represented as the only humans to have survived from the planet earth which could not substance anymore life. Since there is a lack of racial diversity, it gives its audience the idea that only Caucasian and African/Black humans are the only ones to survive a catastrophic event to happen to earth. Does this give racial supremacy to Caucasian and Blacks? What does it say about the minorities that were not represented? The film lacks to show Hispanic/Latino/a, Asians, and Middle Eastern humans. The article “Race and/as Technology” by Wendy Chun states “At a certain level, the notion of race as technology seems obvious, for race historically has been a tool of subjugation” (Page. 41). The means because there is a lack of diversity within this film, it gives audience that minorities are second...
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