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Globalization Impact
Virginia Ramos
Rasmussen College

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This paper is being submitted on September 28, 2014, for Richard Perrone’s Managing a Diverse Workforce course.
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Globalization Impact
Sherwood Management has decided to enter a new international geographic market, specifically Nigeria. Potential customers in Nigeria will be visiting your plant in the next month. 1. What are some strategies you can use to learn more about a non-U.S. culture?

Increasingly today, people come into regular contact with individuals from different cultures and it's important to learn to talk with people who may not share a common language, background, and/or worldview. Each of us participates in at least one culture, and most of us are products of several cultures.

It is also important to understand that each culture has its own language and its own spoken and unspoken rules. These rules define what is and is not acceptable within that culture. The first step to dealing with people of different cultural backgrounds is to be clear about your own cultural background and how it defines and limits your worldview; being culturally fair or just means that you hold certain beliefs, attitudes, knowledge, and skills (AFY, n.d.). 2. Research Nigerian customs and what may be expected of you as the host site.

Nigerians prefer to develop personal relationships prior to conducting business. Therefore, if this is the first time you are meeting with a Nigerian company, you should expect to devote a decent period of time to getting to know people on a personal level. This may take as long as two hours for an initial meeting. Any attempt to bypass this protocol will hamper your business success.

Expect the first few meetings to be somewhat formal as your Nigerian counterparts continue to become comfortable with you as a person. It is a good idea to maintain a polite and somewhat reserved manner until the person you are meeting drops some of his formality. Try to avoid using hyperbole or making exaggerated claims when presenting a business case as Nigerians are naturally suspicious of a deal that sounds too good to be true. Team members should present a united front at meetings. Any disagreement between members will be interpreted as meaning that you are not relaying the entire story and that they should proceed cautiously.

If you plan to work from an agenda, it is a good idea to send it in advance of the meeting. Nigerians will generally follow the agenda point by point and may want to consult with key stakeholders who will not be present prior to the meeting (Kwintessential, n.d.). 3. Identify specific resources you find useful to recommend to fellow co-workers.

Nigeria is currently our 35th largest goods trading partner with $18.2 billion in total (two way) goods trade during 2013. Goods exports totaled $6.5 billion; Goods imports totaled $11.7 billion. The U.S. goods trade deficit with Nigeria was $5.2 billion in 2013. Exports

Nigeria was the United States' 40th largest goods export market in 2013. U.S. goods exports to Nigeria in 2013 were $6.5 billion, up 28.8% ($1.4 billion) from 2012. The top export categories (2-digit HS) in 2013 were: Mineral Fuel (oil) ($2.1 billion), Vehicles ($1.3 billion), Cereals (wheat) ($962 million), Machinery ($820 million), and Plastic ($185 million). U.S. exports of agricultural products to Nigeria totaled $ 1.1 billion in 2013. Leading category is: wheat ($959 million). Imports

Nigeria was the United States' 30th largest supplier of goods imports in 2013. U.S. goods imports from Nigeria totaled $11.7 billion in 2013, a 38.3% decrease ($7.3 billion) from 2012. Nearly all of U.S. imports from Nigeria was oil. 

The five largest import categories in 2013 were: Mineral Fuel (oil) ($11.6 billion), Cocoa ($29 million), Special...

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