Voting System

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Voting System for the IT department
A Project Paper
Presented to the Faculty of the
College of Information Technology

In Partial Fulfillment of the
Requirements for the
Course in System Analysis and Design with Software Project
(ACT Project)
Nico Alvin R. Acero
Mary Queen S. Octaviano
Chuck Lester D. Dadivas
Mark Hechanova
Psyraine B. Sontillano

March 2013

Chapter I
1.1 Overview

Elections allow the populace to choose their representatives and express their preferences for how they will be governed. Naturally, the integrity of the election process is fundamental to the integrity of democracy itself. The election system must be sufficiently robust to withstand a variety of fraudulent behaviors and must be sufficiently transparent and comprehensible that voters and candidates can accept the results of an election.

This is where Electronic voting comes in. Electronic voting (also known as e-voting) is a term encompassing several different types of voting, embracing both electronic means of casting a vote and electronic means of counting votes. Since our department doesn’t have this, the group proposed a system that can be very useful and helpful. We assure that this automated system be very handy in getting votes, and counting them accurately and fast.

Statement of the Problem
Voting is a painful process especially in calculating votes and recognizing the voted candidate and summing votes to determine the winner.

Goals and Objectives
Due to all this we decided to build a system that will help our department for a speedy and accurate election. The primary objective is to:
1. To develop a system software that will help lower overhead and cost of Voting Process 2. To improve the efficiency in voting
3. To increase accuracy

Scope & Limitations
The system is created as a stand-alone program. The system can be installed and used on a single workstation. The program has the capacity to create hard copy results because there are data reports created.

The researchers have limited experience on how to conduct a study and in developing system software.

Chapter II
Project Management

Hardware Resources
* At least 20gb hard disk
* At least 512mb RAM
* At least 512mb Video Card
* Optical or Mechanical mouse
* Keyboard
* Monitor

Software Resources
* Windows XP or any other latest Windows Operating System * Microsoft Office

Work Breakdown Structure
System Planning
A meeting had been organized for planning the software development processes. The timeline had been made and each task were divided among members.

Data Gathering
One of the group members gathered information. While others gathered information about the system related to our study.

System Analysis
The system we wanted to create contains files storage about the elected candidates.

System Development
We made a database for submitting votes, vote counting and for displaying vote counts.

Testing and Debugging
We analyze the system for further errors and implementation to make sure if the system runs successfully.

Network Diagram

Project Schedule

Chapter III


Analysis Design

System or Software Architecture

Data Flow Diagram
Automated Voting System
Level 0 Diagram

Data details
Data requirements

Check Lists

Student details
Data info

Found details

Data record


Update Vote list

Update Student list

Election Database


New input data
Student status

Student info


Chapter IV

Chapter V


Automatic Voting System:

Analysis of an Electronic Voting System:...

References: Automatic Voting System:
Analysis of an Electronic Voting System:
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