Visit to Taj Mahal

Topics: Taj Mahal, India, Indian rock-cut architecture Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: April 4, 2007
India is a land with a rich and varied history. Many different rulers, dynasties, and empires have fought over and controlled different parts of the Indian subcontinent during its eventful history. The various rulers and dynasties left behind their legacy in the form of grand monuments and buildings, in different historical places in India. The Indian subcontinent's eventful history can be seen in its tourist places- from the first cities of the Indus Valley civilization to the modern cities of twenty first century India.Unity in diversity is another facet of the Country's inherent nationalism, which had been fused by the feeling of national fervour incited by various foreign invasions that ever made its way to the Indian shores. Religious tolerance and cultural amalgamation have given shape to a uniquely secular Nation, which has created an impressive status of itself in the global arena. It is difficult to talk about the historical places of india as a whole and hence it is broadly and conviniently divided into five zones: northern india,southern india,western india ,eastern india and central india.Each part of india has influences and remains of the invasion and rule of different empires and the historical places in such regions are impressions of their rule. North india:To name all the places of historical importance in whole of the northern region of india is an impossibility .The most important places in delhi the capital of india are the red fort,qutub minar,india gate,jewish synagogue,jama masjid and humayuns tomb.there is the world famous taj mahal situated in agra along with the agra fort.lucknow boasts of rich culture and has the imambaras and the confusing bhul bhullaya.rajasthan is a ver popular torist destination and has the hawa mahal and ajmer sharif and pushkar are the pilgriage places.punjab the most colourful state we have the golden temple in amritsar and the diwan khana and sheesh mahal.kashmir the paradise on earth is splendid and is...
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