Vision Statement

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Vision Statement Essay
Robert Clark
Grand Canyon University: MGT - 492
March 25, 2014

Apple Vision Statement Essay
Creating a vision is a very delicate part of a business, just like the foundation for a building; a vision is the foundation of a business. A strong vision can surely create factors needed for any organization to succeed – it is the essence, the inspiration, the values, and the very purpose why an organization exists – without a vision, there is no common goal to achieve! Vision and Mission Statements

Two characteristics a successful leader must have are: effective communication – to communicate the vision of the organization – and second, being a person who is followable. A leader must paint the picture of the vision so beautifully that every employee is committed to following it. The vision is the outcome of what the organization must be – what the organization wants to accomplish, the fundamentals and foundation the organization wants to build, as well as the strategic direction they want to take. The vision also provides guidance and structure for the company culture; it is the core and purpose for any organization. The mission is just a single pixel in the picture – it provides the definition of the fundamentals, it outlines the purpose of an organization and ultimately describes why it exists. Mission statements provide the ‘how to’ to a vision – it defines the visions primary objectives, as well as time frames on when to accomplish those objectives. In simple terms, the vision is a roadmap to success, getting from point A to point B – the mission is how to get to point B, what roads to take and how long it will take to get there. Vision and Apple

Apple is a company known for innovation. Although in recent years, that statement has become quite debatable with the surpassing capabilities of Google and the tremendous market power they have acquired globally. Even-though Google’s competitive aggressiveness has taken over the technology industry; Apple has stayed true to its vision – the core of innovation. The vision of Apple describes indubitably what the company stands for, not only to enhance performance, being the pioneers of the mobile technology, which has become the cornerstone of our daily lives, but Apple has really revolutionized the way humans view technology in an easy to use manner anyone willing to learn can understand. Their vision is a prime example of how they have achieved excellence beyond reproach, which is why the vision is so appropriate for the organization as a whole. Vision Statements can help any Organization

When it comes to any organization, either for profit, non-profit, church or business, the vision of that organization is the cornerstone for their success. Having a big vision is very important; it is easy to get people to be a part of something big or small when the vision is communicated clear and efficiently – painting the picture so beautifully, so compelling that the people in the organization are devoted to see that vision come to past. The vision creates meaning to achieve common goals; it inspires passion and interest for innovation and growth, which can be the two factors that can break or make an organization. Vision and Change for Apple

Being in the technology industry, change is part of the culture, but Apples current vision does not encourage organizational change – it challenges orthodoxies and promotes innovation beyond what the human mind can comprehend. The vision of Apple is to think big, to change the way the world sees innovation and create beautiful tools that can change the world. Apple has an impeccable record of creating the best to satisfy customer’s needs, from the first launch of the Apple I, the latest iPhone 5s – Apple has given the best innovation, there is no need to change that. (Taylor, 2014) Current Vision Statement

Any organization that develops a strong vision can create the energy and drive needed to...

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Adams, S
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