Virtue Ethics

Topics: Ethics, Virtue, Virtue ethics Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: May 20, 2010
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Different Approaches to Virtue
By Martin P. Aguayo
Philosophy 1 C
May 13, 2010

Virtue Ethics
The Greeks though of virtue as excellence, but the biggest part of being virtuous is being human. Compassion, integrity and courage are some of the virtues that make someone human. Animals do not have a concept of what virtue is, so that makes it solely a human act. You never see animals being courteous to each other, nor do you see them offer assistance to each other. The only animals that come close to showing signs of virtue are pack animals. Although, if an animal in the pack betrays the pack there is no second chances.(dictionary of world philosophy) Consequentialist Approach

The Consequentialist determines what is right and wrong with virtue by action.(dictionary of quotations) The one thing that produces the most good will always prevail. This is similar to utilitarianism. I do not agree with this so let me give you an example, if the government wants to take over a dairy farm and it would benefit the community at large, they do. The people that own the dairy farm are unfortunately the victims and also a negligible risk. In my opinion, because the affected group is so small it does not mean they are insignificant. Consequentialist is the wrong way to go. In order to be virtuous all around you must care about everyone and everything. Although the greater good was going to benefit, the farmer does not have to suffer. The government only gives fair market value for the farm and to many people that is okay. I ask you were you the one doing all the work on this farm? Is there a price that you can place on sentiment? In my opinion nothing is more important than family, and if this farm was passed down to me by my father and his father passed it down to him there is no price worth selling for. Because of the Emanate Property law this can be done to anyone at any time without notice. One day the property is yours and the next there is...

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