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Topics: Time, Virtual reality, Nonverbal communication Pages: 4 (1062 words) Published: March 28, 2014
Introduction and Thesis
Nowadays, virtual techniques have become more and more popular. In the article I have chosen, the author believes that members of successful virtual collaboration teams (VCTs) need strong interpersonal and collaboration skills, which include establishing trust, embracing diversity, knowledge sharing and so on (Roy, 2012). In addition, compared to traditional face-to-face collaboration, this article also illustrates the advantages and disadvantages of VCTs. After reading this article, according to the author’s viewpoints, although the virtual technique is convenient and cost-effective, and we are now in the era of rapid development of virtual technology, I believe that face-to-face collaboration will still occupy an important position in future workplace over the next five to ten years. There are three main reasons that “face-to-face” could still be favorable: Traveling time has become less and less.

“Face-to-face” is more effective than VCTs.
The benefit of face-to-face meeting could outweigh its cost.

Less Traveling Time
Nowadays, worldwide transportation has become very developed .It can take as little as thirteen to fourteen hours’ flight for someone to travel from one end of world to the other (Gera, 2013). Short traveling time has made personal presence more possible. Therefore, even when dealing with some situation that is both urgent and crucial, it could still be practical to for one organization to request all team members to travel from all over the world to one assigned place.

At the face-to-face meeting, team members can instantly adjust uprising problems, clarify doubts, have certain questions repeated or rephrased whenever they feel that it is necessary. Sometimes even handouts can be given out too. In one word, people there are able to do whatever it takes to make sure that what they have said and what they are trying to say have been remembered and fully understood. During the meeting, members...
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