Virtual Communication

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Virtual communication clearly has many advantages including increased productivity, reduced business costs and a better work/life balance of the workforce. However, virtual communication also entails numerous challenges and obstacles which are often neglected in light of the benefits. In addition to potential technical difficulties, the importance of full integration and appropriate management of remote workers must be considered. Cross-cultural difference, highly prevalent in virtual communication, also has a huge impact on global communication styles and intercultural working practices and should be considered for virtual communication to be successful. Cross-cultural training will help you understand some of the following cultural variables that affect virtual communication: - High and Low context

- Attitudes to conversation: silence, gaps, overlays
- Direct and Indirect Communication styles
- Long term orientation
- Universalism and Particularism
- Power Distance
Successfully doing business internationally is now dependent on effective virtual communication. Communicating effectively across cultures through virtual means requires an understanding of these cultural variables and their impact. Participating in Global Virtual Working, a cross-cultural training programme for business and management will provide you with practical strategies to deal with the challenges of virtual communication and harness the benefits it can bring. Become More Effective and Productive with Virtual Communications  Virtual communication has changed the way employees communicate, presenting major advantages and some new challenges. Today’s mobile workforce has an amazing array of technologies available at their fingertips to connect themselves with other workers, customers, competitors and resources available across the world in ways unknown and unheard of 10 years ago. On the flip side, so many things get lost in...
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