Virtual Reality

Topics: Virtual reality, Simulated reality, Computer graphics Pages: 3 (1092 words) Published: July 7, 2013
Virtual Reality
INF 103: Computer Literacy
Patrick Williams
January 23, 2012

Imagine relaxing on a beach, or wherever is soothing for oneself after a hard day of work. For some this escape is plausible, but many people do not have this luxury. That is where the ideas and research of virtual reality come in to play. The idea that one can enter an environment that typically is unavailable due to cost, safety, or perceptual reasons. Virtual reality is a dynamic development that humankind will take part in the future. This paper will cover what virtual reality is, the history, and purpose of virtual reality, as well as the future of virtual reality. First and foremost, what is virtual reality? Virtual reality is an atmosphere created by a computer where people can interact. Three common components of virtual reality are: a computer system enabling users to interact with virtual space, a 3-D visual or audiovisual environment created originally or a fabrication of a real world simulation, and lastly interaction with the virtual world in real time. (Taylor, 1997). Virtual reality is different from playing video games, or watching television because people are immersed into a 3-D environment rather than watching images pass across a screen. Virtual reality creates new virtual worlds that can be used for numerous different reasons. According to Taylor (1997), “Four main themes and application areas of virtual reality are: the arts and literature, the military, the preservation of aspects of reality, and finance or business” (p. 172). Surgical training, education, and industrial design are among other uses of virtual reality. This technology allows access to environments or fascinations that are normally unavailable due to cost and safety. For example, it is too dangerous and costly for the United States Air Force to stick a new pilot in training directly into a multi-million dollar jet, without physical practice of flying a plane. So, pilots are first introduced to...

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