Virtual Lab Report Part 1 Johnson C V1

Topics: Bacteria, Eukaryote, Cell Pages: 10 (2243 words) Published: December 9, 2014

Name Chantell Johnson

BioScience 100A Online
Virtual Lab Report: Part I
Points: 120 (30/each)

Due by: 12:00 PM PST on the second Saturday of class


1. Type your answers, observations, and results in bold.
2. Save your report often as you fill it out, so as not to lose information. 3. Use the report form as a single document, do not turn in separate reports for each lab 4. Use the ‘Save As’ option to save your file as a Word file 5. Save your lab report with this name: Last name, First initial, underscore V1. Thus Charles Darwin would save his Unit 1 Virtual Lab Report as DarwinC_V1. 6. Submit this report in the Dropbox under [Unit 1: Virtual Labs] before 12:00 PM PST on the second Saturday of the class.

Laboratory Reports

Each of your lab reports MUST include the following components to receive full credit and be organized in the following way.

1. Purpose (3 pts): one to two sentences briefly stating the learning objective for the assigned lab.

2. Lab Observations (5 pts): Explain what was observed during the lab activity. This section should be approximately one paragraph in length.

3. Lab Answers (10 pts): Answers to the lab report questions that reflect and demonstrate your understanding on the concepts. (Should be written in complete sentences for Labs 2-6)

4. Conclusion (12 pts): 1-2 paragraph learning reflection that summarize the lab and specifically addresses the learning objectives relating them back to the data or observations collected in the lab.

Weak conclusions containing little in the way of quality content or revealing a lack of effort towards reflecting on the purpose of the lab activity will receive ZERO credit!

Lab Rubric

Poor Effort
Good; Needs Improvement
Meets all Requirements
No purpose provided (0 points)
Purpose does not state the learning objective and is unclear (1 point) Purpose states learning objective but is not well-thought through or written in a complete sentences (2 point) Purpose states the learning objective and is written in a complete, well-thought out sentences (3 points) Lab Observations

Missing (0 points)
Observations are incomplete (2 point)
Observations lack complete thoughts and are not thorough (4 points) Observations explain what occurred throughout the entirety of the lab and are 1 paragraph in length (5 points) Lab Answers
No answers provided (0 points)

Lab answers lack detail, understanding, and/or bold print. Not all answers are provided (2-5 points) Lab answers are provided and reveal the student had a strong understanding of the lab objectives. Not all questions are answered in detail or in bold. (6-8 points) All lab answers are provided and reveal the student had a strong understanding of the lab objectives. Each question is answered in detail and in complete sentences. Also, the answers are in bold (10 points) Conclusion

No conclusion (0 points)
The conclusion does not meet length requirements and provides a weak summary of the lab activity and data (2-7 points) The conclusion is on the shorter side of the length requirements and does not contain a thorough summary of the lab objectives and/or findings (8-11 points). The conclusion is 1 -2 paragraphs long and contains references to the data found in the lab. The conclusion summarizes findings and reiterates the learning outcomes. (12 points) Virtual Lab 1: Virtual Microscopy

The Purpose of this lab is to estimate the size of various organisms using a virtual microscope.

Lab Observations:

Observering that each organism comes in various sizes

Lab Answers:
A. Estimate the size of:
1. An E. Coli cell. 2.1 micrometers
2 A mitochondrion. 0.6 micrometers
3. A Red Blood cell. 8 micrometers
4. A hepatitus virus. 26 Nanometers
5. A water molecule. 9 meters

B. Observe the various Cell types and learn to distinguish between Bacterial cells, Plant cells (1, 2), and Animal...
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