Violence in Media: No Problem or Promotes Violence in Society?

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Violence in Media: No Problem or Promotes Violence in Society?
Many people believe the media is to blame for young children growing up becoming murderers, thieves, and even rapists, but on the contrary, they forget to realize violence was a big part of our civilization way before anyone learned to write. Because of this belief, the government took action and put up restrictions and rules involving which age group should be allowed to be engaged in material that involves violence, drugs, sex, and inappropriate language. When you take this into consideration, you will come to the realization that we do not need any more laws against violent T.V. shows, movies, videogames, or songs.

Using the media as a scapegoat allows individuals to “seek out easy or even abstract entities to blame in order to shy away from holding people responsible for their behaviors” (Christopher J. Ferguson). According to, “The targeted are musicians, film stars, etc. because no one wants to have to accept that something more familiar and sinister could very well be causing these troubles” ( Because we do not know the exact cause, we quickly jumped on someone’s opinion that it was the media’s fault. Although it does not seem like a big deal, the outcomes of scapegoating are not easily forgotten. In the Salem Witch Trials many people were killed because an individual started the belief there were witches in Salem. During the Red Scare Americans’ lives were ruined.

Violence is engraved in humans physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Barry Moser, a distinguished Scholar-in-Residence at the University of Louisville states, “All substance begins with violence. We slaughter steer, quarter hog, pull living roots out of the earth. Our most common substance which feeds our body and sates our pangs of physical hunger is born of death and violence” (Barry Moser). For entertainment the Roman Empire was notorious...

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