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Violence among teenagers

By danvdb Oct 10, 2013 341 Words

Violence Among Teenagers
Today teenagers are violent more than in the last generation. In the last few years the violence spread all over the country. In these days there are some external features that we can recognize violent people. Teachers, parents and teenagers report that violence increases every day.

* Alcohol and violence: the alcohol strengthens the self confidence, and disrupts the absorptive capacity. There are violence events that happen from drinking a lot of alcohol. For example: killing people, sexual harassment and more.

* Violence on TV: The teenagers of this generation are sitting in class less than they watch TV. The TV shows a lot of violence events. Until age 12 children watch 8000 killing events and 100000 hitting events. There are more violence events in cartoons than other shows. Violence in the media, whether it is reflected in music, cartoons, wrestling shows or movies, bring children to violence, legitimizes and increases violence and increases aggressive behavior in those who watch it on TV or the Internet.

* Violence at home: One of the reasons that children are becoming violent is because they are open to violence at their home. The violence can be verbal violence or physical violence or neglect. Because of that we can say that the home and the neighborhood have immense influence.

* Internet Addiction: Today teenagers have Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. They love to communicate in the Internet more than to go outside and to have fun with friends. Teenagers use the internet for communication, fun, gaming, social connection and interaction, information, gathering, to view videos, listen to music, post photos, blog, chat, etc. Korea, Japan, China, Germany and the United States, all report increasing numbers of young people who spend over 40 hours a week online. At times, when parents take away the computer or disconnect the Internet, some youngsters have responded with violence towards the computer, themselves or even their parents. Other has fallen into depression. Most of the time, children find other ways to connect to the Web and play games. They may simply do it at friends' house.

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