Topics: Invisible Man, Character, Ralph Ellison Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Aria Trejo
Mr. Royal
AP Literature P6
2 August 2013
The Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison displays numerous amounts of description using figurative language and patterns of creative writing. The fight scene, for example, uses an expressive usage of imagery along with an abundance of simile. The excerpt itself relies on the emotions and first person telling of the story. Within this emotion, internal conflict and character realizations are found both in the reader and main character. The fight scene does not only tap into Ellison’s great use of figurative language, but also serves the purpose of enticing the reader, symbolizing the theme of the story, and defining the common theme.

At the start of the story, the main character identifies himself using his childhood experience and internal conflict with the last words of his grandfather. Interesting enough, he remain unidentified the remainder of the excerpt; but instead focuses on one specific aspect of his life’ his grandfather’s legacy. He makes sure to incorporate this and uses it as a hidden message and every now and the remind readers within all the chaos, this is the real message to focus on. As seen, starting with this sentence, “All of the town…” (pg 17), Ellison makes a dramatic shift of the setting and immediately fives into the main story of Sambo’s (the main character) struggles. As Ellison write the story thought the main character’s eyes , we feel his emotion, hear the words of others, and experience his physical pain. The main character is very present within his thoughts, interaction with others and his with his body, therefore, it can be said he is very alive and purposeful. As his use of figurative language using descriptive images and constant comparisons of action to real world things, he creates this setting of chaos and cruelty. Also with the use of his extensive detail and imagery, Ellison successfully slows down the story plot creating suspense for the reader. Without his...
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