Vietnamese Law on Enterprises 2005

Topics: Corporation, Limited liability company, Limited liability partnership Pages: 7 (1390 words) Published: April 21, 2014
Vietnamese Law on Enterprises 2005


CHAPTER I. General Provisions
Article 1 Governing scope
Article 2 Applicability
Article 3 Application of the law on Enterprises, international treaties and relevant legislation Article 4 Interpretation of terms
Article 5 State guarantees2 for enterprises and owners of enterprises Article 6 Political organizations and socio-political organizations in enterprises Article 7 Lines of business and business conditions 

Article 8 Rights of enterprises
Article 9 Obligations of enterprises
Article 10 Rights and obligations of enterprises involved in production or provision of public services or products Article 11 Prohibited practices
Article 12 Document retention regime of enterprises

CHAPTER II. Establishment and Business Registration  
Article 13 Right to establish, contribute capital, purchase shares and manage enterprises Article 14 Contracts [signed] prior to business registration Article 15 Procedures for registration of business

Article 16 Business registration documents for private enterprises Article 17 Business registration documents for partnerships Article 18 Business registration documents for limited liabilities companies Article 19 Business registration documents for shareholding companies Article 20 Documents, procedures, conditions for and contents of business or investment registration of foreign investors making the first investment in Vietnam Article 21 Contents of requests for business registration

Article 22 Contents of the charter of a company5
Article 23 List of members of a limited liability company or partnership, list of founding shareholders of a shareholding company Article 24 Conditions for issuance of business registration certificates Article 25 Contents of business registration certificates

Article 26 Alterations to contents of business registration Article 27 Providing information relating to contents of business registration Article 28 Announcement of contents of business registration Article 29 Transfer of ownership of assets

Article 30 Valuation of assets contributed as capital
Article 31 Name of enterprises
Article 32 Prohibited practices in naming enterprises
Article 33 Names of enterprises written in foreign languages and abbreviated names of enterprises Article 34 Identical names and names which cause confusion
Article 35 Head office of enterprises
Article 36 Seal of enterprises
Article 37 Representative offices, branches and business locations of an enterprise CHAPTER III. Limited Liability Companies
SECTION I. Limited Liability Companies with Two or More Members Article 38 Limited liability companies with two or more members Article 39 Capital contribution and issuance of capital contribution certificates Article 40 Register of members

Article 41 Rights of members
Article 42 Obligations of members
Article 43 Redemption of shares of capital contribution 
Article 44 Assignment of shares of capital contribution
Article 45 Dealing with shares of capital contribution in other cases Article 46 Organizational and management structure of companies Article 47 Members' Councils
Article 48 Authorized representatives
Article 49 Chairman of the Members' Council
Article 50 Convening meetings of the Members' Council
Article 51 Conditions and procedures for conducting meetings of the Members' Council Article 52 Resolutions of the Members' Council
Article 53 Minutes of meetings of the Members' Council
Article 54 Procedures for approval of resolutions of the Members' Council by way of collection of written opinions Article 55 Director or general director
Article 56 Obligations of members of the Members' Council, director or general director Article 57 Criteria and conditions to become a director or general director Article 58 Remuneration, salary and bonus of members of the Members' Council, director or general director Article 59 Contracts and transactions which must be approved by the Members' Council Article...
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