Video games should not be banned

Topics: Game, Want, Need Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: February 8, 2014
According to a few people, violent
video games should be banned. I am
against them. Violent video games
would be all of them. Mario... Zelda...
Call of Duty... Pokemon. I stand that
instead of banning violent video games, ban
mental patients and kids (younger then the M
Many people have many studies that
contradict others. Parents should not
allow children to play video games if
they have home work. If Call of Duty
wants me to buy a gun (witch I can't)
and go shoot some one, then wouldn't Mario
want me to jump down pipes and smash Venus
fly traps? Video games do not lead to obesity.
The reason why more kids are playing video
games then before is because they have become
more available. I go back to the parent. If the
parent sees a decline in academics, social skills,
and see an increase in isolation, then they could
just stop the kid from playing video games.
And yes, if they do play online they could pick up
on bad language and behavior. But, they will only
say it if they want to. Most games that you could
go online to play asks if you are over 13. Yes,
they could lie.
When a kid starts up his game console, he always
runs the risk of picking up the language and/or
behavior. But when they start fighting, they are
doing what they think is acceptable. The parent
should be the one to censor what games the kids
play. If an eight year old beats some guy up with
a bat because of Grand Theft Auto, its the parents
fault for letting him play it!
How does Call of Duty make you lose
respect? If any thing, I've gained even
more respect for past wars. It all
comes down to Mentality. If you play
Call of Duty (or any shooting game)
and it makes you want to go shoot some one,
then you should not be playing video games at
all. If you can't see that video games are fantasy,
then why should you be playing them?
Parents should make there kids go outside once
in a while. Yes, WiiFit is an good game for doing
more then just button...
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